Discover Stripchat's free sex chat, VR cams, and VIP perks for a premium adult experience.

Stripchat's Prices

While typically offers average prices, participants in Fun Clubs benefit from automatic discounts during private sessions. Keep in mind that camgirl rates may differ depending on popularity and the content of their video chats, so it's crucial to check the price before each show to avoid assumptions.


Public Chat Rooms – Free
Average Private Sex Chat - $2.70 per minute
Cheapest Private Sex Chat - $0.90 per minute
Average Spy Show - $1.20 per minute 


500 free tokens for 10 members every hour (50 each)
Unlimited access to public sex shows


90 Tokens - $9.99
200 Tokens - $19.99
520 Tokens - $49.99


Basic Membership – Free
Gold Membership – $19.99 per month.


Credit & Debit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro.
Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.
Big Brand/Store Gift Cards (only in U.S.)
Bank Wire Transfer


Stripchat offers four membership levels or User Levels. The initial Guest membership is for site visitors who haven't signed up yet, providing unlimited viewing time in open chat rooms. When you decide to send a chat message, you can level up to Grey membership by signing up. Achieving Green status happens after the first token purchase on Stripchat. The highest membership tier is Gold, priced at $19.99 per month, offering various benefits such as the ability to silence Guests and Greys in public chat.


Guests are unregistered users on the site
Unlimited access to watch free public chat room performances
Read complete bios and peruse free picture galleries of each model
Use the advanced search tools


Achieve Grey membership by establishing a username. Grey members share the same privileges as Guests, with additional perks:

100% free to join, no registration fees
Possess a unique username
Add models to the My Favorites list
Engage in text chat in public chat (based on the model's preferences)
Capability to receive and respond to private messages


Attain Green membership by acquiring and maintaining tokens. Enjoy all Grey privileges, along with special and more immediate attention from models. Utilize tokens for tipping, paying for Private Shows, Cam2Cam sessions, and sending offline tips.


The Gold membership stands as the highest tier among Stripchat members. Priced at $19.99 per month, it includes all Green privileges and offers additional benefits like Invisible Mode for discreet show watching, anonymous tip sending in public chats, the ability to initiate Private Messaging in free chat rooms, access to emojis in both public and private chats, the chance to become a Knight with models selecting you as their chat room guardian, and eligibility for exclusive offers and promotions from Stripchat.

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Entering the adult camming industry in 2016, Stripchat faced the challenge of establishing itself amid a saturated market of sex cam websites. To secure a foothold, the platform adopted a strategic approach, welcoming any aspiring model to join as a webcam performer and offering unrestricted free viewing for audiences.

In just a few years, Stripchat gained industry recognition, receiving accolades and awards. The platform's models also earned acclaim for their performances, earning industry talent awards.

Presently, Stripchat boasts tens of thousands of registered performers, with nearly 2,000 models online at any given time.

The site's rapid ascent can be attributed to its implementation of top-notch services and features from premium and freemium sites, seamlessly integrated into a clean, sleek, and intuitive platform. Stripchat has become a vibrant and enjoyable destination for users to interact with webcam performers.


What sets Stripchat apart is the distinctive approach taken by its performers, who lean more towards the amateur side of the spectrum. In contrast to other cam sites that prioritize a polished look and feel, both in terms of site functionality and models' broadcasting environments, Stripchat embraces a more free-flowing atmosphere. Models on Stripchat have the freedom to use their broadcasts creatively, offering a unique and varied experience for viewers.

Browsing through the gallery of online models reveals a diverse range of activities. Some models take their webcams into the bathtub or shower, providing an intimate and sensual cleansing experience. Others invite viewers into the kitchen for topless sandwich-making tutorials, while some turn on their mobile phone cameras on the go, offering glimpses from locations like the mall, supermarket, or library.

While these spontaneous and entertaining moments add flair to the platform, the primary focus of the models on Stripchat is on seductive performances within their dedicated webcam rooms. As a passive viewer, you can enjoy these shows without any restrictions, contributing to the platform's appeal as an engaging and liberating space for adult entertainment.


Stripchat distinguishes itself by offering Virtual Reality (VR) sex cams, a feature that sets it apart from other live porn sites. While previous attempts by other platforms fizzled out, Stripchat has successfully integrated VR mode into its live broadcasts. Not every model provides this service, but a substantial number do, with dedicated cam rooms featuring a visible VR icon in the gallery previews. Users can also filter and find models ready for VR experiences from the main menu.

Typically, around a dozen models are online at any given time, offering VR live sex shows. To access this feature, users need to follow provided instructions, starting with downloading the GizmoVR player compatible with their VR hardware.

Another unique category on Stripchat is the "Mobile" category, showcasing models broadcasting from their phones. These models may stream from their regular cam rooms or go mobile from various locations like shopping mall dressing rooms, buses, trains, libraries, or outdoor spots. Viewers can enjoy these spontaneous shows, often in portrait mode, for a different and interactive experience.

For users seeking a more immersive experience, becoming a Knight through the Gold Membership status is an option. Priced at $19.99 per month, this membership offers benefits such as increased attention from models and enhanced control over the chatting experience. A noteworthy perk is the ability to become a Knight, serving as a model's guardian against any misconduct from other members. Knights can silence Guest or Grey members, ensuring a more enjoyable and secure environment.

Stripchat also allows users to toggle between Public and Private text chat while a model is in an open show status. Gold status members can send private messages exclusively visible to the model, enhancing the personal interaction during open chat sessions.


You're going to find a mix of motivations on Stripchat. There are girls here that are only in it to get you into a private chat. They won't even entertain the notion of giving up any free action. If you want to sex chat with them, then it's only going to be during a private one-on-one encounter.

And, while most girls looking to go private will start a show without any requirements, there are those that require that you agree to a minimum duration of time. They'll only start a private show if you agree to a block of time, like 10 or 20 minutes. If you wish to stop the show before the duration is over, you'll still pay the full amount you agreed to before entering the show. If the model herself stops the show before the time block is over, then you'll pay only for the actual minutes spent on the show.

Then, there are some girls that are doing this for the exhibitionist thrill only. They may even perform with a mask on. They're in it for the thrill of exposing themselves. If they get tips from the crowd along the way, they'll take it, but it's not their sole motivation.

And then there are the girls who will not even entertain invites to enter into a private session. They want to stick to their free public sex performances while working their audience for tips. Most often, they'll set tip goals that have to be met before they move to another stage in their performance.