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Prices on this adult web cam site are about average, but users that join Fun Clubs enjoy automatic discounts for private porn sessions. Camgirls can have very different prices though, depending on their popularity and what they do on the video chats, so make sure to check the price tag before every single show and don’t just assume you know how much you're paying.


Public Chat Rooms - Free
Group Sex Shows – $1.99 per Minute
Spy Sex Chat – Max price of $2.99 a Minute
Private Webcam Chat – $3.99 for every Minute (but it's quite easy to find cheaper options)
Happy Hour – $0.99 for one Minute


Members who Add $100 to Their Accounts Get Five Free Recorded Porn Shows
Happy Hour Sex Chats for only $0.99 a Minute


$12 = 100 tokens
$26 = 250 tokens
$50 = 500 tokens
$99 = 1000 tokens


Basic Membership – Free
Premium Membership - $19.99 per Month or $41.97 per 3 Months
VIP Membership (for members who want to exceed the $300 daily spending limit) – Free
Fan Club - $14.99 for the 1st month and then only $9.95 for every following month.


All major credit and debit cards are accepted on including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Direct Debit
Mobile Payments
Email Payments
Fax Payments


The three types of membership on this live porn cam site are a bit confusing because they're not exactly level and you can have two of them at the same time. This is why we've decided to include a quick explanation of each option in this review, just to help you figure out what it what.


This option is free and is quite enough for people that only use the site once in a few weeks or so. Benefits include:
Add funds to your account and watch paid live porn shows
Pay for videos
Browse some of the photo galleries
Join Fun Clubs


This is a paid subscription. As mentioned above it costs $19.99 per month. If you like this option, you may as well sign up for three months, because them the cost drops to only $41.97 for the full three. Benefits include:
Get notifications
10% discount on all private sex shows
Message the camgirls directly
Browse all of the sexy photo galleries
Receive a discount for watching XXX videos


Premium members have a $300 daily spending limit. If you find this limit limiting, become a VIP. It's free and includes the following benefits:
No spending limit
6 month of Premium membership with no cost
25 recorded webcam sex shows for free

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There are few webcam sites online that are as famous as MyCams and such a positive reputation for so many years is a serious advantage in the adult industry. Only few of the best webcam sex arenas have managed to persist over the years and when a site like remains trendy after so long it usually means that it knows how to change with time. A first look through was not very promising because of the dull design which is really old-fashion. Unlike some of the other older sites in the webcam sex industry such as and ImLive, MyCams has not yet undergone the essential facelift and it still looks as if it was designed in the 90s.

As we all know though, design is not what sex cam sites are famous for, and as far as the porn chat rooms this site delivered big time. There were over 300 camgirls waiting to entertain us when we were online, and many of them were absolutely gorgeous. The free video chat room also looked like it could use some redesigning, but the quality of the streaming and videochat window was surprisingly good. It was almost strange seeing the cute camgirl in such clarity when the window around her looked like it was planned 10 years ago. In any event, it was very easy to interact with the model and free video chat turned out to be quite fun. Users with funds in their account can also send "whispers" to the camgirls during free chats, meaning they send them a private message which is hidden from other users.

You won’t be allowed to spend too long on free chat as a free visitor though and you must sign up or you will promptly end up on the payment page. This is a bit annoying because you really don’t get more than 30 seconds or so, but considering that basic membership is totally free, there is actually no reason at all not to sign up. Registration by the way is very quick and you can be back in the chat rooms in a matter of seconds. We have mentioned the various upgrades earlier on this review, but keep in mind that for all standard purposes, basic free membership is more than enough to enjoy the site. Free members can still fund their accounts and watch sex shows and stream porn vids and whatnots, and if you don't intend to spend hours on the site every month, this free option is more than enough. The paid upgrade, AKA Premium, is only valuable to users that watch many shows every week, because in that case the 10% discount could pay the monthly cost and will possibly even lower your monthly spending.

Because this is such a large video chat community it really helps that there are many search options on offer. The most basic one is the sort tool which you can find on your left navigation bar. Simply click on any of the popular categories on list and you will end up with the hot cam girls that fit the criteria. If you know the name of the camgirl you're after or, alternatively just want to look for some specific keyword or phrase, the free search box at the top is probably the best solution although it's not as efficient as the more advanced tools. The final option is reserved to users that want very specific sex chat rooms, and that is of course the advanced search. There you can choose from a very long list of option and hopefully find the models that are just perfect for you.

All of the webcam models we've interacted with proved to be very sweet and welcoming and we can honestly say that we haven’t found even one that did not look interested in keeping us well entertained. This site really has very divers performers and they are featured in several combinations o it's a great opportunity to chat with interracial couples, with lesbians or just with naughty amateur babes. As mentioned before. The pornstar category on MyCams is way above average and not just because of the big names included. It is just very impressive to see actual stars that you recognize from porn movies perform just for you and follow your requests and even on the best sex cam sites it's hard to find so many porn stars online, live and ready to chat.

While our review does point out some clear faults with this site, there is a reason for why it continues to succeed where so many others have failed. The most important aspects of adult chatting experienced are all well-covered and it is a reliable portal where users are treated like they deserve and enjoy full support. If you overlook the old-fashion appearance and if you can do without the social features, then really does have a lot to offer in terms of shows, webcam models and video chat quality. Go check it out and see why so many users like it. Chances are you will like it as well.